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At R&S Northeast, we are dedicated to providing quality service and a wide range of pharmaceutical products to our valued pharmacy clients. Our retail pharmacy customers enjoy the price advantages of a full line of products obtained through Generic Source Pharmaceutical agreements.

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About the R&S Company »

The Company

R&S Northeast has been a supplier of various healthcare products, including Brand and Generic Pharmaceuticals, since 1973. We are a family owned business that is committed to providing our customers with top quality pharmaceutical supplies and unmatched customer service.

We operate as a national wholesaler choosing to focus on developing third party contract sales to 340B (Public Health System) eligible customers. We also focus on third party contract sales, contracts with local and state governments, and the Department of Defense. R&S Northeast provides services to a number of independent pharmacies and universities throughout the United States as a primary and secondary source of supply. We believe we compete successfully on the basis of customer service and careful selection of niche markets. We are licensed to service all fifty states and Puerto Rico.

R&S Northeast’s Corporate Headquarters is located in Fountain Run, Kentucky and a Service and Distribution Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We offer both GPO and Source pricing. R&S Northeast serves Community Health Centers, Hospitals, Health Departments, Women’s Health, Contract Pharmacies and more. R&S Northeast focuses on your pharmaceutical and medical supply needs so that you can focus on patient care.